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It’s done. After a long fight with the book, Undesirable Mate has been uploaded to Amazon and will hopefully be available in the next few days.

This book was hard to write. As my readers of the Bound and Bonded series will remember, Phillip mucked up badly with his pack and six months later he’s still depressed about it. It was his depression that made this book so hard to write. It’s something I have personal experience of, andΒ it was hard not to get sucked into those feelings as I channeled Phillip’s experience. But don’t worry – this book is not all doom and gloom. Phillip redeems himself and gets a sexy mate in the bargain.

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Phillip struggles to get through every day. Thanks to Pearson, he still has his job as an enforcer and life goes on around him much the same as it always did. But Phillip doesn’t feel a part of it. He can’t. His betrayal of his pack has left him with scars, both mentally and physically and the voice in his head won’t give him any peace. So when he meets his mate, he’s not surprised to see the man has someone else tucked under his arm. What else did he expect?

Kellen Waite is a troubleshooter for the Council. He loves his job, he has a couple of close friends, and he takes his sex where he can find it. Sent to the Washington Pack to take out a vampire, he makes the mistake of bringing along his sometime companion, Tristan. He realizes that was his first mistake when he scents his mate in Alpha Pearson’s office.

Issues caused from within the Paranormal Council is just one of the problems Kellen and Phillip have to face. A vengeful ferret, lies and misunderstandings, not to mention Phillip’s depression all conspire to prevent the one thing Kellen is determined to have – his mate in his arms.

Warning: Phillip has symptoms of depression. If this is a trigger for you, please don’t buy this book. Also contains a sneaky ferret shifter, a mad councilman and an often clueless Alpha. HEA, no cheating and no cliffhangers, guaranteed.

Written for adult audiences. Contains graphic scenes of intimate situations between men.

Will post a link when it’s available on Amazon πŸ™‚ Keep an eye on the blog for an excerpt coming tomorrow.

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7 responses to Undesirable Mate – Blurb and Cover

  1. Cali

    Mmm… I wonder whom the clueless Alpha is!?

  2. Jackie

    Love, love, love the cover! Super excited to read Phillip’s story! Reread the series just to get ready for it!

  3. Cali

    When will Undesirable Mate be available in Amazon? Tomorrow?