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Hi everyone, I am getting excited because my book, Don’t Bite (Book 4 in the Stockton Wolves series) will be released in just a few days. You can pre-order the title from Amazon here.

But I haven’t been sitting on my laurels, supping wine and ogling men; I’d like to, but as soon as one book’s finished I have another one on the go.  My next release will be On The Brink, book 10 in the Cloverleah Pack series, and if you have been following my posts and discussions with Phil Harrison, you’ll know this one contains a darling little Red Wolf, a merman and Teilo, Adair’s brothers (yes, it’s M/M/M). There’s also little dogs, a serial killer and some cameo appearances from Baby Ollie, so make a note on your calendar for January 10th, which is the release date for that one.

I have also been thinking about writing some little short books – still paranormal and still true mates, but without the complex story lines my other books seem to have.  I have decided to publish them under the name Lee Oliver (my sisters still call me Tea Lee because of all the cups of tea I consume :)).  I love writing my series books, but sometimes I have story ideas and characters that come forward who don’t fit with the other books. Sometimes two guys meet and they mate and they don’t have to worry about Councils, threats and serial killers lol.  Anyhow, the first of these books should be out around Christmas time.

I thought I’d close off with a tiny teaser from Don’t Bite – just in case you’re not sure it’s your cup of tea 🙂  Enjoy…oh, and watch for a competition later in the week.

“You’re beautiful,” Alexi’s hips thrust and then thrust again and within seconds, words weren’t possible. His cock squeezed from every angle, Alexi’s claws grazing Trent’s hips, but he still wasn’t close enough and the damn counter was the wrong height. He scooped Trent’s body into his arms and slammed him into the nearest wall. A pot fell, the clang a discordant note somewhere in the distance, but all Alexi focused on was the heat from Trent’s skin, the fuzz of Trent’s chest hair tangling in the t-shirt he hadn’t bothered to remove. His tongue swiped at the trickle of sweat down Trent’s face and his man moaned…he moaned, and that sound set Alexi’s hips on super charge. He wanted more moans, more sweat, more of everything.

End Excerpt.  Have a great week 🙂

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8 responses to Update and a little teaser

  1. Kathryn A Ruffins

    Can’t wait for either of the new books!! Always one of my favorite authors!!

  2. Judy Stone

    A short tease, indeed! Phew, that’s spicy.

    Thanks for the excerpt Lisa. Don’t Bite will be on my Kindle in a matter of days; the boys will be mine, all mine. *cue maniacal laughter*

    Looking forward to OTB and the shorties by Lee Oliver, too.

    You spoil us rotten and we love it!

  3. Cathie

    I would love the side books. I love the ones you have now. Waiting patiently for the release of both books. I know one comes out on Tues but I will wait till Friday. Patiently waiting for January.

  4. Tammi Hammond

    Aw Lisa what a GREAT birthday gift!! A release of the new Cloverleah book on my special day! You’re such a sweetheart!! LOL
    Can’t wait for it and have already ordered Trent’s book! I will take a break from Christmas baking on Tuesday to read it!
    Thanks for alk the great books you write.. No matter what name they are under, you write them and we’ll read them!!

  5. lynette McCormick

    looking forward to the new books, I’m very much excited about all that u r doing for us, also thanks for the tease. have a great day

  6. Cali

    HOLY CRIKEY!! HAWT!! Tease us with more Ms. Lisa!!

  7. Laurie Peterson

    Christmas list:

    More Books

  8. Blaine Hall

    Ooohhhh you’re killing me!! Looking forward to reading your newest book and will definitely look forward to the side books as well. Love your writing style, so already know they will be impressive!! Enjoy your tea (and wine) xoxo