14 responses to Update and Competition

  1. Cali

    WOO WOO!! WELCOME TO THE STATES HON!! Where are you gonna be? what cities?

  2. Sharlotte Cain

    When is it going to be? We r going to KC for grandsons graduation.

  3. Laurie P

    I get to fangirl all over you!!! So be prepared.

  4. stef

    hi lisa just a quick question how big should the logo be?

    • Lisao79

      Hi Stef, It doesn’t really matter but the limited experience I have with these things suggests that bigger is better, because it means it can be used on a wider variety of things and apparently it’s better to shrink an image than try and stretch it 🙂


  5. stef

    email send

  6. Caligirl

    A logo or pix or …what kind are you thinking?