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My poor neglected blog; I didn’t realize it’s been months…months since I posted on here and my only defense is that I’ve been busy.  Writing, writing, writing, but considering my characters are the love of my life, who can blame me lol.

First off, I realized there was NOTHING posted on here about Harder in Heels, Book 4 in the Alpha and Omega series. No blurb page, no cover reveal…I did nothing for it, and yet that lovely book just scored me third place on the Open Skye Best Book Released in August 2016.  I loved the cover, with model Kye from Paul Henry Serres, and Asaph and Ronan are two of my favorite characters. If you missed it, you can find the details (including cover) HERE.

And, I haven’t been sitting back sipping champers and eating chocolate. No, I headed straight into another two book marathon; this time with Adair and Vassago from Cloverleah (Angel in Black Leather Pants, Book 9) which is being released on Amazon over the next twenty four hours, and I’m trying something new.

Yes, I know you all love my shifters and vampires and so do I; I adore them. But something has been bugging the back of my brain for ages, and finally I gave in, sat down, and started writing. The result, The Viper’s Heart, my first book in the Balance series featuring Angels and Demons. True mates with a twist. That will be my new release in October.

But, I haven’t forgotten my lovely shifters, Fae and Vampires.  In the coming months I am writing four short stories for the Cloverleah Pack, which will all be sold in the one volume. It will include Diablo and Griff’s trip story (I hadn’t forgotten); a brief story allowing us to reconnect with Shawn and Kane; Josh and Vadim’s honeymoon story and one more that I can’t reveal because it stems from something happening in Angel in Black Leather Pants. But suffice to say it involves the adorable Luke and his mates.  The next full story in the Cloverleah series will be “On the Brink” where Teilo finds his mates, and there are two spin off books planned from there.

Then we have Trent’s story from the Stockton Wolves series as well as a short with Sully and Q. I haven’t forgotten them either. And I am really keen to pursue the new series I mentioned at the end of Undesirable Mate and I really must finish Flying Free, the second book in the Shifter’s Uprising series.

So many men, so little time, and only ten fingers lol. But please know I’ve also made a vow to keep things a lot more “energetic” on this blog, with excerpts, reveals and competitions coming up real soon. So check in soon, and if I haven’t said it before, then I’m saying it now…


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  1. Cali


    We have so missed you!!

  2. Sue Ann Harfst

    Yes, we have missed you, but a little rest and time to think is never a bad thing. Good to hear from you!

    Sue Ann

  3. Rebecca E


  4. Caligirl

    Rebecca E. It was/is an awesome book!! Read ‘Angel in Black Leather Pants’ OMGOSH!! LOTS and lots of surprises in that one!!