Updating my Site

I have had a busy couple of days – finishing off the edits for both Getting Close to the Omega, and Get Off My Case and getting them ready for publication.  Then there were covers to design, blurbs to write and all those other tiny details that are so important when it comes to publishing a book.  While I love being an Indie author, there are times, like today, when I really think I need to hire a PA.

You may notice that there are a couple of new pages on the site.  A new section added for the Stockton Wolves, because Get off my Case grew from a short story, to a full book and is now a series idea. The new pages for Get off my Case and Getting Close to the Omega will both go live when the books go live on Amazon – hopefully in the next 48 hours.  Get off my Case will be available for pre-order – that’s not due to be released until the 18th December 2014, and Getting Close to the Omega will be available immediately.

In the meantime I have about a dozen reviews to write on the books I have been enjoying in between my editing splurges and I am ten thousand words into Book 4 of the Bound and Bonded series – Fighting Fangs. Is it wrong to say I have also got an idea for another series of short stories that I want to write – yes male shifters, but different ones this time. I’m sure I posted somewhere on this site that I was going to take this month off, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

However, the Xmas shopping is done – thank god for online sites and a credit card. I had three birthdays to buy for this month as well, my daughter, son and ex-husband, and I got that finished yesterday thanks to a bit more research online.  My outside world is all sorted and going well, so I don’t think anyone is going to blame me for wanting to get back to the worlds where my characters have all got so much going on.

How’s things going in your world?

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3 responses to Updating my Site

  1. JaneC

    No it is not wrong to have more ideas for short stories!!!! Your stories are so beautifully written and I can’t wait for the next one, whichever series I am reading!! Just read the Cloverleah books again in readiness for Deans story. But one comment……please can we have a different picture for Diablo in the photo gallery??? He is my favourite and I really don’t think the pic does him any favours !!!!

    • Lisao79

      Lol you are so right Jane – I didn’t like that picture either – I will have a hunt through my files of hot men and see what I can find, but damn it is hard to find a beautiful looking blond with long hair 🙂