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I love reading about Alpha males, sweet Omegas and rugged men of all descriptions.  My preferred genre is paranormal MM romance, although I have also read an extensive range of contemporary, military, BDSM and fun MM stories.  The keys for me is that even in the case of erotica, there is some feeling between the men, and I’m afraid I am one of those readers who doesn’t like cheating MC’s. I prefer full stories with an HEA so if you have written your story over a series of books, then I would need to see them all.

If you want me to leave you a review, I will post it here on my website, and also at your point of sale (Amazon, ARe, Smashwords etc).  I also tweet my new posts, and share it through my Facebook page.

Please note I don’t write negative reviews – I know how hard all of us as authors work to get words on a page.  If there is something in a book that I don’t like, then I will email you and let you know, but I won’t mention it in my review.  I can always find something positive to say and still stay honest.  In the over 2000 books I have read in the last two years, I have had less than ten that I wanted to scrub from my Kindle.

So if you would like me to review your book, please contact me through the form on my website and let me know it is for review purposes.  I will then email you directly so you can send me a copy of your book.  I will also want the blurb, a cover image, and your buy links so they can be included in my onsite review.  A bit about you as an author and an author picture are optional, but I am happy to include them here on the site.

Any questions?  Use the form on the site and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy writing

Lisa 🙂

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  1. I would love for you to review my erotica fantasy collection, Magical Encounters. It is available on Amazon under my pen name, Layla Prince. Thanks.

  2. Erith James


    I’d love to receive updates via your blog as it don’t do Facebook and I check your blog daily.

    Sorry to hear about your health and it hope it isn’t too challenging as it know about them first hand.

    Thank you for your great books, which I’ve read several times over.

    Best wishes.


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