Watching Out For Fangs Is Live

Hi everyone,

I know, I have been a bit quiet this month but there has been a lot going on in my home life so any free time I have had, has been caught up in writing and finishing the next Cloverleah Pack book – and Yay!!!! It is finished, it is live on Amazon, AllRomanceEbooks and available through Smashwords.

Check out the new page for it on this blog – you can find that here. There are two excerpts – one hot and one not, and the blurb and sales links.

Thank you all for your continued support πŸ™‚


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12 responses to Watching Out For Fangs Is Live

  1. Caligirl

    I can not wait to read this!! Four more days!!

  2. Rebecca

    YYYYYYYAAAAAYYYYYY!!! I don’t have to stalk you any more! Or at least give you a break for a couple of weeks! Good Job!

    • Caligirl

      LOL cannot wait for more books! Alas…real life always intrudes…I can be patient though

      • Rebecca

        -snort-I can’t. The only saving grace is that we don’t have to wait long between releases. Can you imagine if Lisa only released twice a year!?! OMG I would freakin’ DIE!!!

  3. Lisao79

    Thank you Rebecca and Caligirl – no stalking during November Rebecca, okay? Am going to get you two books finished during that month for the NaNo challenge – so you will have two new releases in December – Copping A Lot of Sin (finally) and the new Alpha and Omega one that I mentioned earlier – the blonds this time πŸ™‚

    • Rebecca

      -sigh- Alright. I guess I will leave you alone. Only for November. Starting December 1st I WILL resume previous activity….:) πŸ˜‰

  4. lynne

    I read and enjoyed watching out for fangs so much that when I got to the end, I turned back to page one and re-read it all over again!
    Thank you Lisa it was brilliant

  5. lynne lowe

    I enjoyed Watching out for fangs so much that when I got to the end I turned right back to page one and read it all over again!
    Thank you Lisa it was brilliant

  6. Lisao79

    Oh Rebecca, you do make me laugh lol. Give me until the 5th of December and then you can hassle all you like because I will probably need a kick up the behind by then…I do try and release almost every month…I honestly try πŸ™‚


  7. Aly

    Just read this book last night and wanted to let you know it was so good love seeing all the other couples as well . Loved how the story went got to be said Josh’s mother was a real gem “NOT” glad she got hers πŸ˜‚ And out the two I think it was josh for me he just had that little something extra going for himπŸ™Š But Vadim is lovely to πŸ˜‹