What Do People Get Out Of Reading My Books

I was reading a blog post the other day talking about book themes and their importance and I got to wondering about what messages my books send to my readers.  I know personally what sort of messages I hope are contained in my books – that there’s nothing wrong with same sex relationships; that there is a true love out there for all of us and that the concepts of honesty and fidelity are vital in any committed relationship.  I genuinely believe those things, and they form the foundation of every single story I write. I’m sure all authors have central themes to the stories they share.

But then I got to thinking about the deeper levels of my books. I don’t write literary fiction; I write love stories. But my characters come from my heart and I realized as I re-read some of my books, that many of my wonderful men go through issues my own sub-conscious is dealing with.  For example in the Cloverleah pack we have;

  • Shawn’s fear for being different
  • Scott’s fear of not being good enough for his powerful mate
  • Anton’s PTSD
  • Dean’s prior abuse
  • Jax’s hiding part of himself
  • Josh’s relationship with his mother and money
  • Luke’s personality came from a combination of two of my children
  • Vassago’s need for acceptance

The story I am writing now, Trent’s story from Stockton wolves, is covering the same thing. His fear and anxiety is something I have lived with for years and in a way I am glad of these things, because it helps me relate to my characters better; and allows me to turn their situations around so they can grow as people. That gives me, the author, hope.

Of course it may sound as though all of my books are filled with doom and gloom, but I don’t write stories full of angst, horror and all those other negative emotions.  Because I feel what my characters are going through, I just can’t do that to myself. Besides, I have always wanted to write stories that leave people smiling and that is my goal with every ending I write – I want you to be smiling, maybe missing the characters a little as you get to the end of the book, and if I can squeeze in an “Aw” moment, then I’ve done my job.

So tell me, in the comments below, what do you get out of reading my stories? It doesn’t have to be Cloverleah; I have various connections with all of my characters. Leave a comment, and in a week’s time I will randomly pick one comment and send that reader a free paperback copy of any of the books I currently have with Createspace.

Have a great week 🙂

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18 responses to What Do People Get Out Of Reading My Books

  1. The thing i get from your stories is a happy ending. The real world can be a cruel place and good/love doesn’t always come out on top. When i need cheering up i turn to stories and know that when i get to the end everyone will be happy, safe and loved.

  2. From your stories i get a happy ending. Real life can be cold and cruel, love doesn’t always win. When I start to feel down i turn to stories, knowing that when i get to the end everyone will be happy, safe, and loved.

  3. From your stories i get a happy ending. Real life can be cold and cruel, love doesn’t always win.

    When I start to feel down i turn to stories, knowing that when i get to the end everyone will be happy, safe, and loved.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

  4. From your stories i get a happy ending. Real life can be cold and cruel, love doesn’t always win.

    When I start to feel down i turn to stories, knowing that when i get to the end everyone will be happy, safe, and loved.

    Keep up the great work

  5. Mark

    I get the satisfaction of a good story well told and the promise of a happy ever after. I’m a romantic at heart and your books are like a drug for me whenever I’m feeling down I always RE read one of them as I know there is no cheating and they always lift my spirits my favorite is Scott and Damien’s story

  6. Helena Rose

    We live in a word that’s so full of hate, anger and fear. Your books remind me that Love is worth fighting for and that maybe, just maybe that all consuming forever kind of love we all dream of as children is still possible! 💕

  7. Diane Bryant

    I get to know you at an author and as a person because you have stated before that a little bit of you goes into your characters and I have learned a lot about you and if we were in the same country or even not in the same country,because I have so few of them, I would count you as a very good friend.

  8. Linda

    I get out of your books that love is love is love. No matter who are the partners or how many (or what species, lol). You don’t have to be perfect to deserve it, your partner(s) will love you no matter what and accept you and help you along the way. And family is not necessarily blood family. A chosen family can be even better.

  9. Karen Berzins

    I get joy and happiness from your books. I love the way your couples meet and get to know one another even in the middle of conflict. I love the way they resolve any problem they have by the end of the story. I have read all of your book and I loved everyone of them. I have read each one several times and I get great joy every time I read one. All I have to say is keep up the great work. I always look forward to when you put out new stories.

  10. Cali

    Love ❤️, family, working together for each other, with each other to protect the ones they ❤️. Perseverance, so that no matter what happens they (can) come out a better person and a better family.

  11. Kelly Munro

    Hi Lisa,

    I really love all of your books but I have to say I really connected with Philip from the Bound & Bonded series. I am a mother of 3 (clearly a glutton for punishment), a wife and an employee. My husband has had really bad luck health wise the last couple of years and has been in and out of hospital countless times for multiple surgeries. This year it really took its toll as I felt the responsibility of caring for our children, helping my husband heal and meeting my targets at work. Although generally I am positive person I felt myself suffering from mild depression for the first time in my life and suddenly felt I wasn’t good enough for my family and colleagues. It took a couple of months for me to come out of the other side and I think some of the credit goes to the books I read on my kindle, it might sound selfish to some people but they allow me to escape my world for a little while. I understood the thoughts that were going through Philips head when he thought he wasn’t good enough or deserved anything wonderful in his life and that he couldn’t control what his sub-conscious was telling him. Depression leads to dark thoughts and places, luckily we both had people in our lives who loved us and helped us through to the light again.

  12. Blaine Hall

    Hi Lisa!!
    I love the aspect of couples overcoming obsticles and working toward a happy ever after. I do enjoy a good insta-love, but it makes it just too easy, you know? Each of your characters are involved not only with their own lives, but intertwined with others, creating a whole universe. Having very fleshed out characters and situations are your lifeblood. I can count on your universes to be exceptional, your story telling incredible, the situations urgent and believable in that universe and know I will enjoy it cover to cover. Not sucking up, but I personally want to thank you for all the hours of entertainment you have provided me. You are one of my go-to authors that i truly enjoy reading. Thank you!!

  13. Pam Thompson

    What grabs me most about your characters is how ‘human’ they are. They have the same hopes and dreams, worry and doubts that most people have, and they do their best to just get on getting on with life, hopefully earning the best outcome available. That you make them so lovable and truly decent people is an added bonus. Seems that I’m always waiting for the next book,as I seem to inhale each as it comes out. PS. I do revisit them all yearly just like I do old friends.

  14. Donna Mayer

    I like to read your stories, because they take me out of my own life for awhile. I like that the mates needs are always put first and love is there no matter what.

  15. Judy Stone

    I struggle with depression and low self-esteem. I’ve found that if I can break the cycle…e.g., read something uplifting, then I’m back on stable ground.

    The core of each of your stories is love–that everyone deserves it, that your soul mate is out there waiting for you. But your characters with their strengths and weaknesses can be stubborn and don’t always cooperate in the fated mate stakes. Your characters are unique, vibrant individuals and I have a tough time deciding which are my favorites. But since I have all the books, I just select the book that feels right and dive in. I come up for meals…if I remember.

  16. amanda kling

    There is the happy ending, which is always great. For me I think i get a sense of you as a author. You as a person can be seen through your work. I think this is wonderful. The other thing is you create these worlds that people can relate and get lost in. For me I go through the motions with the characters. I am looking forward to more of your work.

  17. Tammy

    Escape from the normalcy of life and all the adult decisions we have to make daily. I love paranormal and what makes your series unique is; it’s not just shifters but all paranormals even some cool ones we as readers have never heard of before. This is what makes your books special to me and without all the heavy drama and angst to go along wth it. Don’t get me wrong I do love to see the characters struggle and work for what’s important to them but your characters do that without all the games some authors have you read through which is frustrating to me at times. I know when I pick up a book written by yourself it will be totally entertaining and enjoyable!!! Thanks for the many hours I have escaped in your books. 😘

  18. Erith

    Wonderful, warm, human, compassionate characters whom I take immense pleasure in reading about.

    I always reread your books and I will never tire doing so.

    Thank you!