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Some of my readers have been getting in touch with me on Facebook and asking me which books they should read first.  While all of my books can be read as standalone, if you have a thing for secondary characters, especially those in a pack situation, then it is always nice if their story has been written as well.  So below please find a list of the books I have written so far (I will do my best to keep you updated) and the focus couple in the book. The list is in order from book one onwards 🙂 But the series themselves can be read in any order as they are not related to each other in any way.

The Cloverleah Pack

The Reluctant Wolf – Kane and Shawn

The Runaway Cat – Griff and Diablo

When No Doesn’t Cut It – Scott and Damien

Never go Back (3.5) – also about Scott and Damien with a short story about Malacai and Elijah

Calming The Enforcer – Troy and Anton

Getting Close To The Omega – Dean and Matthew

Fae For All – Jax, Aelfric and Fanir (M/M/M)

Watching Out For Fangs – Josh and Vadim

Tangling With Bears – Tobias, Kurt and Luke (M/M/M)

An Angel in Black Leather – Adair and Vassago

Scenes from Cloverleah – four short stories

On The Brink – Teilo, Raff and Nereus (M/M/M)

Don’t Tempt Fate – Marius and Cathair


The God’s Made Me Do It ( A Cloverleah Pack Spin off Series)

Get Over It – Madison and Sebastian

You’ve Got to be Kidding Me – Poseidon and Claude


Arrowtown – (MPREG) (Under the pen name Lee Oliver)

A Tiger’s Tale – Ra and Seth

Snake Snack – Simon and Darwin

Liam’s Lament – Liam, Beau and One More LOL (M/M/M)


The Bound and Bonded Series

Don’t Touch – Steel and Levi

Topping The Dom – Pearson and Dante

Total Submission – Kyle and Teric

Fighting Fangs – Ace and Devon

No Mate of Mine – Roger and Cam

Undesirable Mate – Phillip and Kellen


Stockton Wolves

Get Off My Case – Shane and Dimitri

Copping A Lot Of Sin – Sin, Ben and Gabriel (M/M/M)

Mace’s Awakening – Mace and Roan

Don’t Bite – Trent and Alexi

Tell Me The Truth – Tony and Nico (mpreg)


Alpha And Omega Series

The Biker’s Omega – Trent and Marly

Dancing Around The Cop – Zander and Terry

A Change of Plans – Sully & Q (Spin off of Dancing Around the Cop)

The Artist and His Alpha – Sean and Caden

Harder in Heels – Asaph and Ronan

A Touch of Spring – Bronson and Harley (spin off from Harder in Heels)


Balance – my new angels and demons series

The Viper’s Heart – Raziel and Botis

Passion Punched King – Zagan and Anael


City Dragons (new series with more books coming soon)

Dragon’s Heat – Jon and Dirk


Northern States Pack

Ranger’s End Game – Ranger and Aiden

Cam’s Promise – Cam and Levi


Shifter’s Uprising

Uncaged – Carlin and Lucas


Other Books – Standalone

The Power Of The Bite – Dax and Zane

One Wrong Step – Robert and Syron


Free Stories

Not Even Close (Full length book coming soon)

Get Off My Case  (Full length book available in the Stockton Wolves Series)

When One Door Closes (Written October 2016 for Stormy Glenn’s Halloween ManloveFantasies collection)

Rise With The Sun  (Written January 2017 for Stormy Glenn’s New Beginnings ManloveFantasies collection)

Except for the free stories which you can get through here, all of my books are available through Amazon in your local area. Most are distributed via Smashwords through Nook, iTunes and Barnes & Noble as well as Payhip and Sea To Sky.

You can find the buy links for each book on their individual book pages here. They are all current.

The Cloverleah Pack, Stockton Wolves, and Shifter’s Uprising series are also available in paperback through Amazon, and the other books will be too in the very near future.

Enjoy 🙂

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