Writing Over The Holiday Season

Okay. I know I may have mentioned more than once that after my epic writing spree in November, I was going to take some time off.  Well, a funny thing happened to me on the way to having a holiday – I got some ideas – ideas that wouldn’t leave me alone and so I have not one, but two new documents opened on my desktop.

The first one, was one that I was looking forward to writing – Fighting Fangs, which is book 4 of the Bound and Bonded series.  In Book 3 we met Ace, who really wasn’t a nice character.  He didn’t look that handsome and he had a lousy attitude, especially to anyone who wasn’t another wolf shifter.  But for those of you who read my books, you know I think that love overcomes all.  Ace needed a mate to show him how wrong he was in his thinking, and I found the perfect one for him.  So, two days into my holiday I started typing and things are going really well there. Ace isn’t going down without a fight, and I am glad about that, but true mates conquer all, and his new mate is awesome.

One short book in a month – that’s almost like a holiday for me.  That was until I happened to read a post about Totally Bound publishing looking for stories about MCs.  Now I’ve never written about a motorcycle club before although I read every story I can get my hands on about bad boys.  My damn thoughts start wending their way across my brain – what would happen if you had a big, bad biker in a club that hated gays.  What if you had an out and proud little twink who was said biker’s fated mate?  What if there was gun running, a female with a mind on revenge and a need for these two to be together, that had to overcome everything?  You have the Biker’s Omega.  Shifters, a gorgeous twink with an attitude the size of Texas, and a big bad biker who may have bitten off more than he could chew when he took on his little mate.

In a way this will be like a holiday.  I have done my Christmas shopping, although I still have to wrap the presents.  My daughter is taking care of lunch on the day, and we are having a BBQ here in the evening – maybe.  Christmas is always very relaxed in our household.  But all of my kids are busy over the holidays, which is awesome, so I would just be home by myself a lot of the time.  And to me a day without writing just isn’t worth having.

Wherever you are over the holiday season, I hope you are safe, happy and well loved.  May your New Year bring you happiness and success in whatever form means the world to you and may all of your love stories have happy endings.

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8 responses to Writing Over The Holiday Season

  1. Denise Dechene

    You’ve whetted my appetite. Can’t wait to read both of your books you are working on. My your holidays be happy, healthy and safe

  2. Caligirl

    Merry Christmas hon!! enjoy the peace and quiet!! enjoy!!

  3. Rebecca E.

    Random question. How do you come up with the scents that you give your characters? Like Anton was dark rum and Dean is Lemongrass & Coconut. Are these scents that you have smelled before or do you just come up with it off the top of your head?

    • Lisao79

      Hi Rebecca – I have some smells that I truly love, like coconut, chocolate, rum and vanilla and I research herbs, spices, and fruits that go with them. A lot of them are scent combinations I have smelled and enjoyed before, but a couple of the combinations are research based lol. I look at how the smells make people feel, what they are used for in cooking and beauty products and there are some that I wouldn’t use, like Lavender for example because that is such a relaxant and for me, a very feminine smell. Hope that makes sense 🙂

      • Rebecca E.

        Yes. It makes perfect sense. You could probably bottle half of the scents you come up with. Thanks for answering!

    • Caligirl

      i am guessing it is the favorite of each individual character…

      • Caligirl

        oops my bad.

        stupid question…is this your website…do you have a section where we can see what is WIP or Coming Soon?